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Exceptional Products for Your Industry and Application

One-size-fits-all solutions rarely fit anyone. At ESP we understand that, which is why we've tailored our PIC product offerings to meet the requirements of a large number of industries and applications. From plumbing and HVAC to food and beverage to hydraulic and pneumatic applications, we carry the pressure and temperature instruments you need for your industry. In addition to a wide range of other products, consider the following industries for examples of how our tailored product selection works to your benefit.


The number of potential applications within the plumbing and HVAC industry is immense. As a result, the number of instruments required in this field is extensive. That's why we offer a large number of products, including needle valves, steam syphons, contractor and boiler gauges, tridicators, among other options. You need to know that you have every instrument you require for your plumbing business. ESP's PIC selection delivers that peace of mind.

Hydraulics and Pneumatics

When it comes to hydraulic and pneumatic pressure gauge applications, durability is a must. With heavy-duty connections and superior reliability, our gauges are the right choice. Whether you need standard-configured filter regulator lubricators or hydraulic power units for immediate shipment, you can depend on us.


Sanitary standards are of the utmost importance in the food and beverage industry. From sanitary diaphragm seals to stainless steel gauges and food-safe fill fluids, our PIC products give you total assurance when it comes to sanitary instrumentation.


Clogging and corrosion are major threats to instruments used in water treatment. Our fully welded, stainless steel gauges and seals are resistant to these conditions, making them perfect for water treatment applications.


Our PIC brand includes a broad range of products that are ideal for the oil and gas industry. We carry an extensive selection, including products featuring heavy-duty case socket connections, needle valves, thermowells, and diaphragm seals.

The Right Products for Industry-Specific Challenges

We've explored only a portion of the many products we offer for various industry applications. Every product we carry is characterized by consistency and reliability. Likewise, every sale we make is accompanied by prompt, friendly service from our knowledgeable team.

When you order from us, you'll get the products you need in a timely manner, without having to compromise on quality. Simplify your instrument selection and purchase process by choosing our PIC brand. You can't go wrong with our industry-tailored product selection.