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Plumbing & HVAC

Commercial and industrial plumbing and HVAC applications use a wide variety of instruments, often needed immediately. PIC Gauges stocks a large selection of products for plumbing and HVAC applications, including contractor gauges, boiler gauges, steam syphons, needle valves, tridicators, thermometers, and much more.

The Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning market continues to adapt to market demand for more efficient energy usage. With this change, the need for quality pressure and temperature instrumentation becomes crucial. ESP offers a variety of products that work in the HVAC market.

Pressure Gauge & Thermometer Products

  • The refrigeration series (REF)

    • LED illuminated lens with a timer for battery conservation

    • Painted steel case with brass internals

    • Multiple refrigerant scales

    • Plastic lens with a port for zero adjustment

  • SEP series

    • ABS case with brass internals

    • Plastic lens

    • Economic

  • Bimetal thermometers

    • Stainless steel construction

    • Wide variety of dial and stem sizes

  • Industrial thermometer

    • Big and bold for easy reading

    • Pivoting stem to adjust to different installations

  • PRO-200 series

    • Stainless steel case with brass internals

    • Glycerin filled

    • Dependable and durable

  • Remote mount thermometers

    • Stainless steel construction

    • Front flange and flexible capillary for panel mounting

  • Surface mount thermometers

    • Small and compact

    • Allow local reading of surfaces

No matter the application that you need, we will ensure that you get the right process instruments to your business. Contact us today and start your order!