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Needle valves are designed to regulate flow to an instrument or for use in general industrial application as the shut off mechanism, PIC needle valves are rugged enough for the oil & gas market, and suitable for most industrial applications. Available in a wide variety of connections in 316 stainless steel and carbon steel bodies, PIC has most common configurations in stock for immediate shipment.

Find the Valve You Need With Ease

When it comes to valves, ESP’s PIC brand offerings are the right choice. We offer quality products, of course, but we also provide excellent variety, product availability, and timely shipping, with the most common configurations in-stock for immediate shipment.

Valves play an essential role in controlling and isolating flow, which makes them an important accessory in processes that involve the use of pressure gauges. Across various applications in many different industries, valves are used to control the flow of material through a system or to stop its flow as needed.

Depending on the process medium and piping used, you can select valves in a variety of sizes, materials, handle types, and connection types. Our primary offerings are ball and needle valves, but we can source practically any type to meet your specific requirements. Please feel free to reach out to our customer service team if you have any questions about which valve type to purchase; it would be our pleasure to assist you.

About Needle Valves

Needle valves are commonly used to control the flow of material with high accuracy. As the handle is turned, the screw plug or tip moves up and down, regulating the flow of material. The conical shape of the tip and the small threads on the stem allows for much higher control when using a needle valve, as compared to ball and globe valves, for example.

Needle valves are used to regulate flow to instruments in general industrial applications and as a shut-off mechanism. Our PIC brand needle valves are more than rugged enough for oil and gas applications, and suitable for most other industrial purposes as well. We offer needle valves with a wide variety of connection types, with 316 stainless steel and carbon steel bodies.

About Ball Valves

Ball valves are typically used to shut off the flow of material completely. When used as an accessory to a pressure gauge, the main purpose of a ball valve is to isolate part of the process. They allow for a much higher flow rate than needle valves, as there is almost no additional flow restriction when the valve is fully open.


About Gauge Cocks

Gauge cocks are used to shut off the flow of media to a pressure instrument. This is useful for when you need to inspect a pressure instrument or replace one. They are available in various connection sizes and pressure ratings. If you need assistance selecting the right gauge cock, don’t hesitate to reach out to ESP.

About Pressure Limiting Valves

Sudden surges in pressure can cause damage to your instruments. Pressure limiting valves prevent this from happening by limiting the pressure in media such as water, air, oil, and gas. This makes them a smart investment when you’re looking to extend the lifetime of your pressure instruments.

NV Series

Our various NV series gauge types include angled, mini, and hex body needle valves. Valves come in a variety of sizes, and are available in materials such as stainless steel, zinc-coated carbon steel, and brass. Low-pressure (6000 PSI max) and high-pressure (10,000 PSI max) options are available standard, with ultra high-pressure options available upon request. Laser etching, special threads, and different packing materials are also available.

GV Multiport Needle Valve

This valve features an all-stainless design, with 1/4″, 1/2″, and 3/4″ connections standard. Low-pressure (6000 PSI max) and high-pressure (10,000 PSI max) options are available standard.